1st/2nd February in the Northern Hemisphere, 1st August in the Southern hemisphere

Wheel of the Year

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A beautiful festival of hope and anticipation! It is the midpoint between winter solstice & spring equinox, also known as Candlemas or Feile Brighde, "the quickening of the year”

It is Brigid's festival (Bridie, Bride, Bridget)

Brigid's song

Feel Me now as Maiden.

I am the initiator. I am the twinkle of an idea. I am the spark that activates and inspires.

I am the light that illuminates manifestation.

I bring the energy that encourages the sleeping Winter world to begin to stir.

Feel My presence.

I am the spark of life in all things.

It is that gift of life that we celebrate at Imbolc...when all of nature seems barren there are the first signs of re-birth! The precious little pink buds that appear from apparently dead twigs and the bright green energetic shoots that push up through last year's dead leaves. Such miraculous life-force! But it is still cold and the winter crone has definitely not let go Her grip! This is the time to call to Brigid to bestow Her energy to the earth, to bring Her warmth and light and herald the spring!

This is a wonderful time to make plans....look to the future and get rid of anything that is blocking your it physically, emotionally or spiritually. Clear out the old and make space for the new!

Below is a guide to make a Brigid Cross. Traditionally they are made of reed or straw but this one is made from strips of paper which allow you to write your intentions along their length or decorate them with meaningful symbols, patterns and colours.

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Selection of Imbolc products