Autumn Equinox (also called Mabon)

Circa 21st September - Northern hemisphere, circa 21st - March Southern hemisphere

Wheel of the Year

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West on the wheel of the year using the Goddess wheel created in Avalon, is the element of Earth.

Goddess song at Autumn Equinox

‘Feel Me now as Mother Earth

I am your rock of strength.

I hold the space of balance where day and night are equal.

I am the setting sun. I am the waning moon.

I am the Autumn leaves as they fall into me,

I call the Autumn leaves to fall and enrich Me...I am Earth.

Feel My presence, firm beneath your feet.

Treat Me with respect. I will hold you save in

the dark times of your journeying.

I am your rock of strength.’

At Autumn Equinox night and day and the same length. It is a time of stillness and balance before entering into the dark half of the year when the nights are longer than the days. It is the time of the second harvest (Lammas/Lughnasadh being the first) Mother Earth is giving an abundance of fruit, berries and vegetables before Her winter rest. If you can, make jellies, jams and preserves. The process of cutting, chopping and preparing the fruits and vegetables can feel like a meditation/prayer of gratitude.

It is a wonderful time to gather herbs for drying and making blessings sticks (smudge sticks). There are some YouTube videos on how to make them and I highly recommend you visit Sam Lacey’s channel where she has a beautiful and very informative one on making Mugwort herb wands and also her wonderful blog

The trees are beginning to let their energy withdraw down into their roots and we too can begin to allow ourselves more time for rest and inner contemplation.

The following is an excerpt from my book ‘Luna Moon Hare’

A loud scuffling scraping sound penetrates the stillness. A big black, white clawed paw breaks into Luna’s darkness and moonlight softly creeps into the depths to caress her like a long lost friend! A huge black and white stripey face snuffles Luna, it is Badger! Luna follows Badger through his long, perfectly excavated tunnel and out into the fresh Harvest Moon night. She thanks him for his kindness as he shuffles off through rustling dead leaves into the woods. The chilly breeze ruffles Luna’s fur. As she looks up towards the moon, she realizes that a tall statuesque woman is standing before her. She is clothed in the same orange and russet browns as the autumn trees. ‘Greetings Luna, I am Ertha. Your journey had brought you here to Mabon. It is the Autumn Equinox when night and day are the same length. From this point on, the nights will be longer than the days. The earth is preparing for her winter sleep. Rest in this time of balance before you continue on your way. I will hold you safe in the dark times ahead and the wheel turns.’

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