Samhain (pronounced 'sow-eine')

31st October/1st November in Northern Hemisphere 30th April/1stMay in Southern Hemisphere

Wheel of the Year

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North-West on the wheel of the year using the Goddess wheel created in Avalon.

Goddess song at Samhain

‘Feel Me now as dark crone woman.

I hold the mystery of death and transformation.

I am the darkness that brings forth life.

Come to Me with your troubles and sorrows...

I am ancient and wise. My love is endless.

Queen of the Underworld, I stir my cauldron of inspiration.

Be still in the darkness and feel My presence.

I hold the mystery of rebirth.

the dark times of your journeying.

I am your rock of strength.’

Samhain is the end and beginning of the Celtic year. It is a time of deep reflection, remembering and honouring those who have gone before and also a time to plant seeds of hope and aspiration deep into the dark soil of our being.

This is the season of the Crone, the wise woman who has seen the comings and goings of life since the dawn of time. She who holds the wisdom of the ages in the furrows of her skin and the mysteries of being in her bones. She stirs the cauldron of regeneration and knows that all must travel Her path to reach the rebirth of spring. It is as we travel Her dark and sometimes challenging path that we have the opportunity for spiritual growth

Samhain is a threshold and magical time when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is thin, especially at the liminal tomes of dawn and dusk.

The following is an excerpt from my book ‘Luna Moon Hare’

The cave is dimly lit by candles in crevasses in the rock that cast eerie dancing shadows all around. A calm stillness comes over her and in that moment she has a strange feeling that she has been here before… Pulling herself together she looks around. There before her, stirring an enormous cauldron over a crackling fire is a very old woman. She is clothed in black and her sow-like bone white face seems more ancient than the rocks themselves. Luna is terrified. ‘Welcome Luna. I am Cerridwen. Your journey through my cauldron has brought you here to Samhain.

This is a time of darkness and death. But do not fear, for without the darkness there can be no regeneration and without death there can be no re-birth.

Luna remembers the words that the faery had spoken all those moons ago when the Holly king had died.

‘From light into dark;

From death into life;

And the wheel keeps turning.’

keeps turning.... keeps turning... keeps turning...

The rhythmic words lull her to sleep. Fragile dreams and memories held in Samhain mists float her past countless lifetimes and back to a new dawn..

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