Winter Solstice (Yule)

circa 21st December in the Northern hemisphere, circa 21st June in the Southern hemisphere

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North on the wheel of the year using the Goddess wheel created in Avalon.

Goddess song at Winter Solstice

‘Feel Me now as Mother of Air.

Mine are the limitless stars.

I am bird woman.

I lift your imagination and carry it on soft,

feathered currents to otherworlds.

I am the keeper of the sword of light.

I am bone woman.

I am the stillness between death and rebirth.

I am the stillness between breathing out and breathing in.

Rest in that pause.

Feel My presence

I am peace.

And the wheel turns to the darkest time of the year, midwinter….the shortest day and the longest night. Winter’s darkness has given us time for dreaming, reflection and incubating ideas. Nature has withdrawn into herself and is resting.

At Winter Solstice all is still…the night is so long and dark….all is expectation….will the light ever return?..... and then, rejoice! the sun/son is born!!!

From now on the days will begin to lengthen. We celebrate the return of the light, bringing hope as we move into the light half of the year. As the sun is reborn so are we and this is a wonderful time to let go of all that no longer serves you and step into the best version of yourself that you can be. Tend your dreams and aspirations with care and let them grow with the increasing light.

The following is an excerpt from my book ‘Luna Moon Hare’

The Oak King has won the battle this night. He will reign as the days get longer and the nights grow shorter. He is the King of light and growth. But do not fear, the Holly King will return. Each has their time.

From light into dark;

From death into life;

No end and no start.

And the wheel keeps turning.

She pulls the Holly crown to her and pushes her head and front legs through it so that it sits around her middle. The holly is prickly but her thick lush fur protects her.

Another of the shining beings comes over to Luna. He bows to her and says. “I honour you Lady Hare Ma’am, for you are the one who carries the crown for the absent King.

We know that what is not, is as important as what is!

As you journey the world changes, for it is your journeying that changes the world.

But always remember this, he pauses and looks intently at Luna. One is all and all is one and you are never alone.”

The festivities continue on until the night grows tired and a stillness falls upon the earth.

In the dark sky Arianhrod appears. She is the keeper of the circling silver wheel of stars. She pulls back her diamond studded deep-blue veil, to reveal the pink light of the Yule dawn. Her gentle voice fills Luna’s long ears. "The longest night is done, the sun is born and the wheel turns."

She stretches out her arm and it makes a path reaching to forever.

“This is the magical way,

As you carry the crown through night and day;

The season’s song will shift and change.

All elements will rearrange.

My path is neither short nor long,

For how can you measure the tune of a song?

Dance the path in step with your heart.

And by the end you’ll be ready to start … ”

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