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Luna Moon Hare is now produced as a soft cover book.

We take a magical journey with LUNA MOON HARE

through the ever changing seasons, encountering ancient

archetypes, mythical creatures, totem animals and faeries as the Goddess guides Luna on her way.

This beautifully illustrated book cleverly weaves the ancient myth of the Holly King and the Oak King into the dreamy tapestry of Luna’s journey around the wheel of the year. The qualities of the sabbats are described in loving detail and each chapter can be read to awaken your senses at the festivals.

A delight for children and adults alike!

Size: 255 x 200mm

Please do take a listen to this beautiful tune by Helen Blake. The lyrics of the song are the poem from Luna Moon Hare 'this is the magical way'.

I think it is absolutely wonderful! I'm sure you will too!