Lammas (also called Lughnasadh or Harvest festival)

1st August in Northern hemisphere, 1st February Southern hemisphere

Wheel of the Year

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Feel Me now as Bountiful Mother

I am fertility and creativity.

I am the abundance of the harvest.

I am the mother of all life.

My golden cloak is the ripening grain.

Be sustained by my loving embrace.

I am your nurturing Mother’.

Lammas is the first harvest celebration, the grain harvest. It is a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance.

Goddess is in Her mother aspect…She is Grain Mother, Corn Mother, Harvest Mother. She carries the seed of regeneration within Her…the seed that will grow into next year’s crop.

Take time to journal your gratitudes for all that you have harvested…physically, emotionally and spiritually. Note all the gifts that She has given you….the challenges that She has laid for you that have helped you grow to become a more abundant being. The richness of the depth and height of your emotional journey and the kernel of pure love that She has placed in your spiritual centre that She asks you to nurture as She nurtures you.

Luna Moon Hare book cover

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The following are excerpts from the Lammas chapter of ‘Luna Moon Hare’


Once upon a soft summer’s night the sweet Hay Moon is shining in a happy hare’s eye. This is now and this was then and this is Luna Moon Hare.

She has dreamed through many gentle bee-droning days since taking charge of the Oak crown. She has danced through cricket singing nights above, below and beyond and on towards the Mother Moon of late summer.

The fields are now heavy with ripening crops. In the meadows the long grass has been cut and left to dry in the sunshine filled days, its sweet fragrance filling the still air. She feeds on the new growth pushing up through the stubble and from time to time lies down to rest behind the protective hay. And so the blissful days pass in a soft butterfly dance. Life is sweet!


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Luna opens her dust encrusted eyes and peers up into the loving eyes of a mother! Luna realizes that she is being cradled in her nurturing arms.

“Do not fear”, her golden voice soothes Luna. “I am Ker, Mother of the Grain. Your journey has brought you here to Lammas. This is the time of the abundance of the first harvest. Look at the land my little one. My golden cloak is the ripening grain.” Luna looks down from her sublime resting place to the world below. She had not realized how high she is! She looks down as though from a mountain top and sees Ker’s cloak of crops covering the land.

Luna in Ker’s Arms

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“This is the magical way,

As you carry the crown through night and day;

The season’s song will shift and change.

All elements will rearrange.

My path is neither short nor long,

For how can you measure the tune of a song?

Dance the path in step with your heart.

And by the end you’ll be ready to start! …”

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