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The hanging is beautifully printed on fabric. With a wooden dowel top and bottom.

It measures 400mm x 1250mm.

Perfect to hang on a door or wall.

These fabric wall hangings are printed in small print runs. Due to the variation in fabric manufacture and printing inks from one print run to the next, there may be some variation in colour.

Bringing you blessings of PURE LOVE

QUAN YIN - Chinese moon Goddess of Mercy -

She hears the cries of the world and gives comfort, healing and guidance. Her heart is full of deep motherly compassion and unconditional love.

She is often referred to as the 'most widely beloved Buddhist divinity' with miraculous powers to assist all those who pray to her.

She is pictured here holding a stem of ripe rice and a sacred vase from which flows Her nectar of wisdom and compassion

Myth tells us even though Quan Yin attained enlightenment, just as she was about to enter heaven's gate she paused and hearing the cries of the world She decided to return and help humankind find the right path.

She calls to you to practice 'metta' -a meditation focused on the development of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for all beings including yourself