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The hanging is beautifully printed on fabric. With a wooden dowel top and bottom.

It measures 400mm x 1250mm.

Perfect to hang on a door or wall.

These fabric wall hangings are printed in small print runs. Due to the variation in fabric manufacture and printing inks from one print run to the next, there may be some variation in colour.

Bringing you blessings of ANCIENT WISDOM

MAWU - African creator moon Goddess - Riding on an elephant’s back She brings life and as a mother Goddess She inspires the universe's abundance and the dreamer's imagination. She holds the wisdom of age and the understanding of universal law. Mawu can help you age with grace and become an empowered elder.

She shines in the cool, cleansing moon light
One of Her myths tells that She has a partner called Lisa who is associated with the sun - together they created the universe helped by the cosmic serpent Aido Hwedo. When there is an eclipse of the sun or moon it is believed that Mawu and Lisa are making love.

She calls to you to treasure each moment...
the past is gone...the future is unknown....
NOW is ALL ... give thanks for THIS moment