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Goddess Wheel

Goddess Wheels

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Goddess Wheel frame

Here is a photograph of a beautiful wooden frame made by Belinda from Woodworks Glastonbury for a friend's Goddess wheel. It is open at the top so your Goddess wheel can slide in and you can turn the wheel easily. Belinda uses only reclaimed woods so every frame will be different. If you are interested in commissioning a frame for your Goddess wheel Belinda would be happy to talk to you.

Goddess Wheel Goddess Wheel Goddess Wheel
Goddess Wheel - Imbolc

NH: 1st/2nd February
SH: 1st August

Feel Me now as Maiden.
I am the initiator. I am the twinkle of an idea. I am the spark that activates and inspires.
I am the light that illuminates manifestation.
I bring the energy that encourages the sleeping Winter world to begin to stir.
Feel My presence.
I am the spark of life in all things.

Goddess Wheel - Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox
NH: circa 21st March
SH: circa 21st September

Feel Me now as Mother of Fire.
I am the warmth of Spring. My light brings forth abundant growth.
I hold this time of balance, when night and day are equal.
Pause a moment here and then step with me into the light of My golden rays.
Feel My presence.
I am passion and strength.

Goddess Wheel - Beltane

NH: 30th April/1st May
SH: 31st October/1st November

Feel Me now as Lover
I am life's lust. Pure love.
I come from the foaming sea waves, riding white mare through your dreams.
I am the pulsing life-blood...sap rising...Spring blossoming.
Pause a moment between the waves of being...
Feel My presence
I am life's lust. Pure love.

Goddess Wheel - Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
NH: circa 21st June
SH: circa 21st December

Feel Me now as Mother of Water
I reflect the rays of the sun at its height.
I am the sparkle in the life-bringing rain.
Drink from my springs, be refreshed and healed.
I am Queen of the deep oceans. Dive into the emotional depths of your being and I will be there reflecting you….sometimes warm and comforting, sometimes cold and frightening.
Feel My presence
I hold the chalice of emotional wisdom.

Goddess Wheel - Lammas

NH: 1st August
SH: 1st February

Feel Me now as Bountiful Mother
I am fertility and creativity.
I am the abundance of the harvest.
I am the abundance of life.
I create and nurture all being.
My golden cloak is the ripening grain.
Pause a moment whenever you eat
Feel My presence
I am your nurturing Mother.

Goddess Wheel - Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox
NH: circa 21st September
SH: circa 21st March

Feel Me now as Mother Earth
I am your rock of strength.
Rest at this space of balance, where day and night are equal and prepare to journey with me into the dark. I am the setting sun. I am the waning moon. I am the Autumn leaves as they fall into me,
I am Earth.
Feel My presence, firm beneath your feet.
Treat Me with respect. I will hold you save in the darkness of your journeying.
I am your rock of strength.

Goddess Wheel - Samhain

NH: 31st October/1st November
SH: 30th April/1st May

Feel Me now as dark crone woman.
I am death and transformation.
I am ending and regeneration.
Queen of the Underworld, I stir my cauldron of inspiration. All must travel my dark yonic passage into My womb of rebirth. For in death I give life.
Be still in the darkness and feel My presence.
I hold the mystery of rebirth.

Goddess Wheel - Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
NH: circa 21st December
SH: circa 21st June

Feel Me now as Mother of Air
Mine are the limitless skies and endless stars.
I am bird woman. I lift your imagination and carry it on soft, feathered currents to otherworlds.
I am bone woman. I am the stillness between death and rebirth.
I am the stillness between breathing out and breathing in.
Rest in that pause.
Feel My presence
I am peace.

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